Thursday, February 16, 2006

Behold, yet another pale horse!

The quotable Ana Marie Cox~
"Between "Cartoon Violence" and "Vice President Shoots Man in the Face," is anyone going to argue we don't live in end times?"

I'm curious if Judith Miller was tossed back in the slammer this past weekend so our trigger happy Veep could find a scapegoat during those lost 20 odd hours before the shooting story hit the press; it's just a thought. As for the violence due to the cartoons, Muslims can be so Old Testament. I would love to understand a few things before I die; how computers work, the viability of Wonkavision, why the current administration is so fucking secretive while they strip away an individual's right to privacy and Islam. It's all so baffling and fascinating, like a train wreck or is it the end of times?

From the minute we're born we start to die, in the meantime we learn, love and laugh and when we're really bored we war up our down time or sport our way through another day. We've harnessed electricity, split the atom and learned that you can purchase just about anything you desire on eBay, but we can't seem to get a grasp onto the truth or forgiveness and worse if we don't start washing our hands better Avian flu will wipe out society as we know it. The end of times via the short bus people, snap out of it.