Monday, March 06, 2006

The Reviews Are In

I didn't see all of the Oscars, I was out and about but I did see chunks and what I did see was amusing enough to make all generations laugh, my nieces loved the Ben Stiller "green screen" bit as did the majority of the people that watched it with us. From what I've been able to read this morning Jon Stewart got rave reviews, sans one; WaPo and at first I was all "no way", then I read Tom Shales article who noted that "Letterman's hosting gig, however, was better than Stewart's by far.". Gosh, well I guess every has a right to their opinion and then I read this paragraph:
Among other highlights: Jessica Alba's dress; Jessica Alba; a handsome Plexiglas lectern that facilitated some dramatic shots from just in front of the stage; the usual tastefully done "in memoriam" montage for film figures who died since the last Oscarcast; and Jennifer Lopez looking particularly attractive.

Yup, for me the Oscars was all about sandwiching death between Alba and J-Lo. If those were your highlights Mr. Shales, I'd suggest you would have been better off by some quiet time alone with a sock and a People magazine.

Stewart did a fine job, the ladies looked gorgeous and the gentleman looked dandy and that's what we watch the Oscars for and that's what thousands of people get paid to write about the next day, except for bloggers, they get to remark on what people wrote or just straight up post another's story out of sheer laziness or lack of imagination, it's kind of like when an interviewer snaps a minute with Lindsay Lohan and treating the word swap like a Pulitzer Prize winning moment despite the fact Lohan had nothing to do with any of the movies nominated,she's just "young hollywood" -- *POOF* that was my brain, 'tis gone. Have a loverly day.