Friday, March 03, 2006

South Dakota Politicians Play God So You Don't Have To

Roe V. Wade be damned, South Dakota's puritanical oppression of a woman's right will be one ugly battle. But fear not, Molly Saves The Day and it's a whopper folks. Abortion tutorials on the web, I'm speechless, which is why I'm typing this, I guess. Abortion is never an easy decision whatever the circumstance, but it's a personal decision, not the governments, stay away from me crotch you halfwit, money sucking vampires. It's fucking shameful that Viagra is available on demand, but when it comes to female birth control options, your handed a bible in some states. I believe in taking proactive measures when the system breaks down and Molly has done this and I applaud her, although it's a very sad day when women in South Dakota have to Google a "How to" on abortion.