Monday, May 01, 2006

Darfur is all the rage...Literally

George Clooney hopped on the Darfur bandwagon this past week and I hope that more star power backs this terrible situation since our government won't or can't whatever the talking points say, blet. The thing with George Clooney is that you always expect a bit of snark and smug tinged with humorous humility, but basically he's just reminding folk that Darfur happens and Clooney looks good saving the world, so I'll forgive him for jumping on the bandwagon so late in the game.

It's astounding to think as I sit here typing, little kids are sacrificing their lives for water, I know this because I just played the Darfur Is Dying and I sucked at it, sucked hardcore, I killed off more than half of my family, or rather the Janjaweed did, I just sucked at escaping the ignorant souless bastards. I can't imagine this life, I don't want to, but it does exist, play the game and help out! (tip: little boys run faster)