Monday, May 15, 2006

Mary Mary where you goin' to

Dan Savage gets his man-bitch on and directs that bitchiness towards Mary Cheney, spawn of Veep Cheney and author of the newly released Now It's My Turn:
The carpet-munching daughter of VP Dick Cheney is responsible for what was, for me, the most head-spinning moment of the 2004 election. Just reelected after a campaign that vilified gay people - gay couples in particular - George Bush gave his acceptance speech on a stage with both men's families, and Mary Cheney and her long-term, bull-dykish partner, Heather, were up there on the stage with Bush. Like most gay Americans, I wanted to jump into the photo that ran on cover of the New York Times and slap Mary Cheney's face.

Bitchy indeed, but then again Ms. Cheney got her man-bitch on by calling John Kerry a "son of a bitch" for bringing up Mary during a presidential debate "It was very invasive for John Kerry to try to make political points out of my personal life."
Boo. Hoo. Kerry was just stating a fact lying in a puddle of hypocrisy that is the Bush administration. Mary Cheney's worst crime, by far, is supporting her father, but that's what children do, well, except for that psycho bitch Lizzie Borden and sometimes, in my fantasies, we pretend that Ms. Cheney is Ms. Borden. We get bored sometimes.

To be fair, Ms. Cheney responds to FMA as "writing discrimination into the constitution and, as I say, it is fundamentally wrong." and "I would also hope that no one would think about trying to amend the constitution as a political strategy,"
Sadly, I don't think anything Ms. Cheney does or says will squelch her critics so keep your man-bitch close honey, you'll need her.