Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Opus Day & The Idol Chatter

He's baACK! Opus has returned(Sunday's only). Berkeley Breathed has brought back the penguin and I'm just finding this out, I'm not sure if I hear a collective "uh-duh", or a collective..."cool!" This is just another example that print papers are indeed dying. The greatest example is when you're just now finding out via an internet blog, that thee Penguin has returned. Color me short bus.

American Idol:

Woooooooooooohoooooo at the Taylor Hicks/Spaz winning!!! Highlights of the show being Prince with his 3121, and Ed from Live singing with Daughtry. Mary K Blige. Mc Pheever with Meatloaf gave me a Mcblister that needed gravy. It really was a fun show and Lost was quit interesting. Will Walt and Micheal save the day? Will Sawyer, Kate and Jack survive and why did they let Hurley go? Crazy stuff.

Faboo, I needed to re-edit that and the title, damnit, Blogger!!! [fist to sky] Why?? is being a massive pain in my ass and lost the original was able to recover half of it. They say it's a cache problem, I dump my cookies and it's still a problem, they really need to fix it quick. Anyhooooo..Good Luck to Taylor.

Update: Harold the cute humble dude won the Top Chef Championship, which I didn't watch because of Idol and Lost, which in itself entirely too much stimulation.