Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Cat Du Jour

Living near the water has it's benefits the biggest being the marine layer of clouds that has cooled us from 94 to a cool crisp 59, it's still supposed to get back up in the 80's today, but this morning is a refreshing change of pace.

This heat is something else, I never took into consideration that neither one of my cats have experienced such heat, that is until yesterday. Ruby, the older of the two just lays around seemingly unbothered by the heat, Sophie on the other hand tried to play it like any day. Sophie loves the outside and after an hour of romping about she finally came back to the house, but she immediately plopped to the ground and started breathing through her mouth. Domestic cats just don't do that unless there in a Stephen King novel. Concerned, I dragged her limp ass to the water dish and she wouldn't drink, so I opened a can of food, which she inhaled in seconds. I thought "good at least it's wet" until the mouth breathing started again. She was like a damn mouth-breathing noodle, I tried to force water down her throat, she wouldn't drink, she was so hot and I was getting worried that my muscular Siamese was as pliable as putty, so we dipped her in ice water and she didn't mind one bit. No, straining to scratch my eyes out, just a look of relief.

After a bout an hour Sophie reemerged (wet kitties hide in shame.) Her hair was spiky from the water, but her eyes looked clear and she straight to her water dish and started lapping up the water. Whew.

This morning both cats are full of energy, perhaps it's because they can move freely without aid of mouth breathing. Crazy.

Be safe, stay cool and don't forget your pets, they don't know any better and after a week of this evil weather you'd think I'd know better, oy. Don't cook yer kitties.