Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot (Sweaty) Child In The City

Last week when most of the U.S. was melting, we here in the Northwest were frolicking about in a comfortable 70 degree way, it was nice, but now were melting away with the rest of the country and it's hideous....blech. It's just after 10a.m. and damn if it's not 80 degrees already!! It's like Satan has gas or God forgot to turn off the tanning bed or something...or perhaps it's just an "inconvenient Truth".

Speaking of inconvenient truths here's another Lebanon blogger: Ms Levantine On receiving emails from hot & sweaty folks in England "My husband said that if this war doesn't kill us, global warming will. Hehe." Hell, you gotta laugh (and sweat.)

A very hip Paul Hipp sings about how, in the words of the Prez George Bush, we need to Stop this shit.

Truth up in yer face: Howzabouta Obama - Gore '08 Ticket? I like it, it makes me sweat less. Now if someone will tell Al that being a number two isn't so awful, especially when you rocked the job. Wait a second....
The inconvenient truth is that as a politician, Gore has always been more successful in a supporting role. In the Senate, he was a visionary on environmental issues, nuclear proliferation and, yes, the Internet, which he never did claim he invented. And people forget that his addition to the ticket in 1992 helped jump-start the Clinton campaign.

Thanks WaPo!

Keep it cool and have a loverly, sweat filled day!