Monday, August 28, 2006

Emmy Up

Stephen Colbert was robbed, period. The Daily Show was not robbed and rightly so, but the Colbert business is insanity, whatever.

Conan did an excellent job as host, but of course my most favorite aspect of Award Shows is the fashion, my best dressed goes to Sandra Oh, she looked gorgeous and regal and I can't find a picture (found) however, I did find a shot of Charlize Theron's doppleganger. At first glimpse we thought Katherine Heigl from Gray's Anotomy was Ms. Theron, she was a sight in a glorious fleshtone gown, but um.........the tittie very, not good. Did she have a stylist? Did she shove tissue under her boobies on purpose? Did Ellen Pompeo forgo a Limo to attend the Emmy's up under Katherines globes o' wonder? Ack, her look was almost flawless until you lay eyes upon her bumpy boobage. Whoever said to plump the pretties should lose their freakin' job! Yesterday.