Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jamie Moyer to Philly :(

It felt as though someone took one of those melon-baller tools and gouged my heart out. Did I hear what I heard? Did the Mariners trade Jamie Moyer??? Yes. With his permission no less.

It happened yesterday and it's the news I woke up to today and it sucks a mighty stank ridden wind. No, I didn't watch yesterday's game, I was caught up in the 5th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (absolutely HYSTERICAL!!) so, for all of the laughter yesterday all I get is "Jamie Moyer, off to Philly", ouch.

Jamie was the last link to the M's glory days with the Big Unit, Jr., A-Rod, Edgar, Joey, Jay, The Sheriff and Sweet Lou the winning combination we M's fans will never forget, those days were golden. Those days are long gone and the M's are coming off a ten game loss, things had to change, whether we like it or not.
"I have an opportunity to go to a team in contention for the last five weeks of season," Moyer said, "and hopefully beyond that. That's the exciting side of it. The downside is leaving."

Ugh. At this point in the season it would take a major miracle for the M's to turn it around to the winning side of the game, hopefully they'll kick the Yankee's ass this week...ahem...yeah...Kick 'em in de asssssssssssssss! We'll see, not likely, but we'll see.

I'm no fair weather fan, I love the Mariners and baseball in Seattle, it feels right. I didn't piss and moan when that asschimp lyin' sack of shit coffee kingpin Wally Walker sold the basketball teams, I whined a bit when the Seahawks were totally fucked over by the refs at the Super Bowl, it's as though there is a greater power interfering with our professional sports team and it's called big business. I understand the nature of business, I do, I just don't like it, it's heartless and my heart has a whole the size of a watermelon ball in it.

Thanks for the memories Jamie, your a great pitcher and I wish you luck, but it still it's gonna take a massive fruit salad to fill the hole.