Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Musts

Folly : Hallmark has a blog featuring a very cute and very annoying Hoops & Yoyo in a flash logo repeatedly saying "blog, blog, blog, blog - blog, what? Blog.". How very bloggy.


Art:: The Seattle Times has a spread on glass artist Dale Chihuly.


[via BWE]


Best Marketing move or the Two Snaps and a Slap On The Ass Award: Sunsilk using comedian and Sex and the City alum Mario Cantone for their most recent commercial voice over, it has both me and my young nieces randomly shouting out "SunSILK!". The website is very Queer Eye as well, but honestly if I could find a soundclip of Cantone shrieking "SunSILK!!" I'd link to it.


All righty then, it's back to the massive organization douche of the decade. I've hit all the closets in the apartment. I'm crazy organizing lady! WOoOoOoOhooOOoo, perhaps I'm enjoying this too much? Whatever.