Friday, September 15, 2006

Cup full of crazy with three lumps of spew

This week just blazed by, blocks of time dissipate in a blink, I love this aging bullshit. I watched ABC's Path to 9-11 (a road less traveled) and I learned that this whole mess wouldn't be happening if not for Monica Lewinsky's suckling abilities, but I think with Whitney Houston separating from Bobby Brown we may have found be our saving grace as Bin Laden has a Houston crush. So Whitney, if your reading this, spread that "black love" to Afghanistan, pronto. And don't worry if you can't find him, he'll be in the cave we haven't looked in. Oh yeah, and wear a blue dress, thanks.

If I haven't mentioned it, we like the Rosie on The View, it's good to see the lesbians get their due on morning television and speaking of morning t.v. yesterday I watched Tyra Banks remove all her make-up, wash her face and then moisturize her breasts, granted they were covered with a camisole and titslinger, but still, if you think I have an ass fetish, then Tyra's got a serious boobie fixation.

And finally for all you Project Runway whores, the collections for the finale have marched the catwalk this week in New York. VH1's Best Week Ever has a good sampling of what we'll see on the boob tube next week, or the following week whenever it is the outfits are out there and now you judge. As for my picks, this year it's all about Laura and Uli's stuff, Micheal kind of fell into a Foxy Brown abyss and forgot to come up for air and as for the rocker Jeffrey, well, real women don't resemble Manga characters, never have, never will, much to the chagrin of adolescent boys and girls everywhere. I've loved some of his stuff, but the runway line...oy. Judge for yourself and have a super dandy weekend!!!