Friday, September 22, 2006


It's as though I'm drowning in snot, I'm the snot monster. After going the better part of the year without a single cold I get two in a month! It started in the nose. A sneeze here, a sneeze there. After a day of that and thoughts of what to do with the mountain of tissue surrounding my body like the freakin' shroud of Turin, I realized this wasn't just a "sinus" day, but a full blown cold that would soon take up camp in my lungs. My taste buds are shot, but it doesn't stop me from eating a chocolate kiss that tastes like um...nothing. OMG.

Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his many lectures on PBS, talks of how he hasn't had a cold in a gazillion years, because, he tells his brain that he absolutely won't get a cold and his brain responds with wellness. So, I have a little chat with my brain
"you will not get sick, mmmmmkay??" My brain didn't respond, instead I sit here with snot bubbles, no taste buds and a healthy load of ookie googies residing in my lungs. Super swell! Fortunately I have plenty of sinus meds, the Nyquil from the last cold and some Robitussin - DM that expired two years ago, lol.

I'm going to have another little chat with my brain today, we'll talk of what it feels like to be healthy and not drowning in ookie googies and if my brain doesn't listen I'm going to give it a time out, wait. I have this heinous cold because my brain took a time out...omg, I can't think...oh yeah, brain is on time LOL, have a loverly day.