Monday, October 09, 2006

Boom Boom Out Go The Lights

Thanks North Korea! Thanks for the radiation, I've always wanted a third arm to shoot out my ass! And when children are born in North Korea, the children that will be the future of your country, don't mind the extra toes and limbs, well, if they get toes and limbs at all. I thought we learned our lesson, well, we kind of did, but still you persevere to safeguard your country of autotrons from....what? Invasion? Aliens? What? No, really, what?

I suspect this has something to do with your height, dude, it's so okay to be a short shit, I'm mean, you're breast level and that's a win/win (after a rohipinal cocktail, that is). Or perhaps it's a penis issue? You know, they have surgery for that now and with all your wisdumb and power I'd think a penis enlargement is just your cup of tea, or not. Whatever, chill out please. Thanks and have a super day!