Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Strike a pose

"Legend claims that Maria Antonia and the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart became acquainted as children, when Mozart gave a short musical concert for the Imperial Family. Afterwards, when asked by the Empress what he would like as a reward for his performance, the young Mozart allegedly asked for Maria Antonia's hand in marriage."

Had Marie Antoinette's family taken up this proposal things would have been slightly different for Maria. But no, her family insisted upon making her a queen, which they did by marrying her off to the Dauphin of France and although she had a very plush life, she didn't do the "deed" with her man until seven years into their marriage and then to top it off, they "auf'd" her head. Bummer.

I saw Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette yesterday and it's gorgeous. Kristen Dunst managed not to annoy me, which she normally does, but it worked for this character. The movie is completely through the young Marie's eyes, so it lacks specifics if your a history geek, but if your at all familiar with the French Revolution, you get the gist. I liked the use of the new romantic music of the 80's, it worked in more ways than not. But, (hello "but", nice to see you again) the movie moves slowly, almost trance-like to the point of putting me to sleep (briefly, more like a nod and a smidge of spittle), this worked for Coppola's brilliant Lost In Translation, but when you have the equivalent of an eyeball boner brought on by the gorgeous clothing, Versailles and Dunst's stunning, quirky smile, it doesn't work as well.

Overall, the movie is good. Dunst is terrific, Schwartzmann is adorable as Louis and the visuals, well, they give you eyeball boners. Thumbs up, but I'd wait for the DVD, just in case you nod off like I did, although drooling in public can be an adventure, so do as you wish.

Speaking of Diva's Madonna will be on Oprah today to explain her adoption process. Hopefully this will shush the gossip, but I doubt it will. Madonna is a woman who could fart in a cup and sell it for millions, she's the "material girl", she's a Kabbalah warrior, she is not Angelina Jolie. The show should prove interesting...or not, we'll have to wait and see.