Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Of Biofuel and Rock & Roll

"We are coming out of a depression, and we're on the cusp of doing something really great," so sayeth Hoquiam mayor Jack Durney of the new biofuel plant being built in Grays Harbor. Aberdeen and Hoquiam have been coming out of a depression for decades now, once the mills starting shutting down, so did Aberdeen. Timothy Egan meshes this new development with the Cobain legacy, yes, Kurt Cobain. Aberdeen has never fully capitalized on Cobain's place in rock n' roll history and now with the Biofuel plant they're ready, I guess.... Newly re-elected Senator Maria Cantwell (D) says
"the fuel plant would put the area on the map as an energy-revolution pioneer.

A Nirvana fan, Ms. Cantwell added that the plant and Cobain could co-exist as trademarks of this part of the coast.

"I think this area is big enough to have two heroes,"
It's a strange, albeit positive, look at a small town with a dead rock star and shitty future, but hopefully the Biofuel plant can only help. Full article here.