Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Tweak Rattle and Roll!

I slept for shit last night. Yesterday was not one of my favorite days, but then again it was not one of the worst either....I woke up didn't I? heh....Anyhoo, the brain was full throttle yesterday.......keeping myself abreast of the WAR efforts, questioning the media's strategy this go round. If anything the media has been in your face, but with positive PRO war spin on this.......can't let the President look bad in any light. As I've said before.....War lies within the shades of gray, it is niether good or bad, but we grow from choice in the matter really.....grow or burn out and fade away.

I spent last night working on my Blog template. I tweaked, I researched, I have no brain left. I tossed and turned all night and my neck is stiff. ACK. I've got Art Walk coming up in April, I should be creating in a more tactile way, but alas.....I code.....or well continue to learn code. I haven't a clue what I can gain from my spewing short of rattling a few nerves (sorry mom) and perhaps amusing a few people. Mmmmkay I'm off to the books for now.