Monday, March 24, 2003

WAR the mother of reality television, already many have been voted off this planet. I watch it for hours until my little mind is over saturated with all the turmoil. It appears that little weasel bitch Saddam is still alive. I don't see why him and Osama don't just hook up, buy a nice lil High Security condo in some unsuspecting African nation. The property values would most likely plummet and what Nation would want both of their sorry asses. I'm appalled at the fools who choose not to believe that our two villians are not connected, those dweebs support each others actions in the name of Allah, shouldn't that be enough? France is still attempting diplomatic measures for Saddam and golly if Russia didn't supply the Iraqis with night vision goggles, but then it should be a fair fight, shouldn't it? I thoroughly believe that the cost of this war will not break our countries bank, when you reallllllly want something somehow the money is there. I guess we really don't want teachers to be paid a livable wage...LOL. As with the Daniel Pearl Video that I watched, I went to the Drudge Report to view the henious and horrific picture of the murdered servicemen, I can't even fathom the families reaction to this, but I truly believe it's important to constantly review the harsh reality of this war...the good and bad. It's grotesque and pisses me off to know end knowing the thousands of POWs we have courtesy of themselves really are being treated (as far as we know) within the laws of the Geneva Convention obviously the Iraqi can't say the same. Anyhow, I'm done with the war spew for today, it's a freakin mindsplat!