Thursday, May 08, 2003

American Idol

American EYEdoll

Josh took the hit last night......the Cowboy is down!! This leaves the world *sigh* with only 3 Idols, Kim, Clay & Rueban. Personally, Kim should have gone....the Marine was cute. There ya have it....the next two weeks should be all a buzz about who the next Idol will life is small, LOL! Ack!

I hate when you wake up and you feel like you've barely slept at all, even though your eyes are loaded with the sleep debris and although your body is rested, your mind is not quite up to par, ugh. I'm still tweaking on the puters.....I've got to get more memory for the Compaq, but the question is do I still crashes like it use to.....piece of shit....I'm about to bash the bitch...but I'll network the mofo instead, nothing like a good file share to stimulate the brain!!. Ok, this bundle of sunshine has to go to work now......ugh....LOL.....Hi, I'm UGH woman, nice to meet ya......snarf.....*strikes a pose*.