Thursday, May 22, 2003

I'm in a very pissy mood, grrrr, snarf....ARGH. I walked out of a merchant meeting late this afternoon stating, "And we wonder why the fucking mall is going to shit, fuck." grabbed my complimentary water and cookies...and hauled ass out. Mother Fuck! These merchant meetings are supposed to enlighten us merchants as to what the fuck is going on in the mall, aside from the echo's of a death rattle. Very few managers showed, but of course they come with their lame ass bitches about parking.....shut the fuck up! Well one dink saw me mouth that and confronted me, mofo told me to watch my reply: "Then bitch about shit that matters!".....snarf....I don't appreciate your attitude.....yeah, "well....sir, it's not worth it".....I stomp out. Fuckin eh. The marketing director tried to refocus the group as I "made my statement".....ugh....there's more to it....but I won't bug you.....I suffer NO fools, christ! UGGGGGGGH. *burp* cya.