Friday, July 04, 2003

Independence Daze

It's the 4th of July! Yippeee! A year ago, still shaky from the events of 911, we were still pondering what it meant and felt like to be an American. This year we are not without patriotism, but golly if Osama and Saddam are still out and about, probably frockling in a field of poppies on their way to meet the Wizard. Snarf! Being an American and living in the United States is a blessing, it's not perfect by any means, we are still a young Country learning to flesh out our place in the world (innocent look) ;) Ok, we have been perceived as gluttonous barbarians with a large brain reserve, but it is all for the greater good of the planet, truly. Imagine if all countries had our freedoms? What would the world be like? What would the economy look like or say the job market, oy. (6.4 unemployment last month, sshhhh!) With all the liberties we have as Americans it is up to the individual to use the tools given to us to succeed and flourish. If other Americans don't like your direction they can openly protest, and therein lies the check and balance in our society. Our country takes care of it's own and a few select illegal aliens (ugh). Sometimes we do a shitty job of it, but ultimately whatever the problem a good American Lawyer can help. Need funds, Matthew Lesko has a few books on how to get the money, but it takes work, idles asses in America suck up our welfare system, stop please. Democrats give and Replublicans take away and give to the wealthiest chunk o' society...check & balance? LOL! With all of it's faults we are still a glorious country and when we stand united against our foes we can only persevere in a grand fashion (strikes a pose). We have been blessed with the freedoms to secure our own best interests and that is why I love being American, fully loaded options, you just have to find them and use them correctly (manual and batteries not included).