Thursday, July 03, 2003

Strom Thurmond

Strom's little Diversity Project
Apparently Ol' Strom stuck his dipstick into some really black oil, oy...LOL. My belief is that no blood is pure of one race, it's totally illogical to believe that man could not resist the temptations of colored flesh, hell if it's got a hole, yanno. As for the ever ignorant groups such as the KKK or the National Alliance. get over yourselfs you can't tell me that your daddies and grandaddies didn't poke people of other race and color, good happens and the more "it" happens the more diverse and beautiful our world becomes. So, I would suggest a new hobbie for hate groups and purists, knitting, golf or say, continuing your education??? Try it, you might like it.

And along the same line of thinking but with a twist of "Gay"....I give you.... blee bloo blar Blog! I love that guy