Sunday, March 14, 2004

Flavored Milkshake Courtesy of the Dialectizer

Milkshake in redneck dialect:
Mah milkshake brin's all th' fellas t'th' yard, An' THEIR LIFE, "It's better than yourn" Dawgone right, it's better than yourn, ah can larn yo', but ah have t'charge

Mah' milkshake brin's all de boys t'de yard, And THEIR LIFE, "It's betta' dan yo's" Damn right, it's betta' dan yo's, I kin teach ya', but ah' have t'charge

Swedish Chef:
My meelksheke-a breengs ell zee buys tu zee yerd, Und THEIR LIFE, "It's better thun yuoors" Demn reeght, it's better thun yuoors, I cun teech yuoo, boot I hefe-a tu cherge