Monday, March 15, 2004

Spin Sisters

A liberating book about the joys of spinning in a field of daisy's whilst smelling summer fresh, no. I saw this book yesterday featured on a pillar in my store, (I've got to stop taking days off)...I looked at the booked and wondered if the author was somehow connected to the original succubus Ann Coulter. This is a book of spew and basically bashes the shit out of the Couric's and the Walter's and other prominent women in journalism. Myrna Blyth in trying to point out how these women somehow make all women victims, "Women magazines can be like bad boyfriends. They'll tear you down, then spend pages trying to build you back up., lest we forgot sometimes bad boyfriends are just that, fuckers. :D Anyhoo, I promptly removed the book from my display, replaced it with Nickel and Dimed went on with my day. Book Slut mentions the book today, but it also has a fabulous review of the book, read the review, not the book, its a thin little hardcover not worth your hard earned nickels and dimes.