Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Hump Day, Rump Day, Weenie Meeny Mo Day!

In lieu of republishing every link on Book Slut today, I'll just say this, ow. I worked all day yesterday and should have made an appearance at the local papers BEST OF pseudo Seattle (not). It's a lame attempt to attract people to our little strip mall laden city which was once just a suburb of Seattle and tries in vain to become a functioning city. I was invited to the event which was held in the mall, literally feet away from my store, but alas, with the throngs of the best waitpersons and the best Thai restaurant (1 among millions) we were busy and I couldn't go out and receive my 3rd best bookstore award. Nothing wrong with being number three, in a city with both a Borders and B&N all within a one mile radius, what do you think my chances of being number one? Yes, I'm the lowly 'Mall' bookstore, the very bookstore that pimps for the chamber, the very bookstore that sits amidst dust of the Mall's major renovation. Not one 'important' paper person came in that I know of, not one city official came and said, "Your still open?". The only person from the event that came in was a young lady looking for a book on child care and walked out with two bargain Sex books, score! Tell your friends about us lady, we may not carry the books you want and we don't serve coffee (warmed over Orange Julius remains yes, coffee no) but damn if you won't walk out with a book you didn't even want. Now I await for my official number three plaque from the paper, apparently they will mail it as it was too much of an inconvenience to carry it 20 ft into my store and I'll hang it aside the more prestigious number two award I received three years ago (Borders & B&N tied that year). We are the bronze bookstore, we're small and we don't deep discount the books as we like to be profitable and pay our employee's, but we are still here and when the consumer remembers that Mall's have stores in them, they'll come back and see us good ol' number three and when they ask how long we've been open, I'll say (in my best Dave Chappelle) 25+ years bitch and thanks for stopping by. :D