Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Just don't do it, well......go it.

Never Threaten to Eat Your Coworkers: The Best Of Blogs, since my blog has no mention and I'm in a henious fucking mood I say fuck it, just eat them raw, chew them up and spit the fuckers out go home and blog what you will. Get all Hannibal on their asses, have a sliver of god damned chewy brain (white whine will do, I'm white and I whine all the fucking time) if you cook them properly they don't complain as much.

The bank fucked up my check order, twice, I'm eating those fuckers next. And when I get dinged for paying two bills late, I'm gonna eat those bitches as well.

This link brought to you by many blogs, many many blogs, I'm oblivious, and if your not careful, I'll sautee' your ass next. Sweet Dreams *smooch* :)