Friday, March 05, 2004

She's Crafty and she's busted

I like Martha Stewart, she is the hard-edged Kitchen Mistress with a Mixmaster that I want to be, lol. I've learned a lot from her, like how to make a chocolate souffle, how to make snowflakes from paperbags, how to wash old linens and lace and how not to lie like a cheap carpet about insider trading. For shame wench! Not that is wasn't obivious and she'll pay dearly for this for years and all for a minimal sum compared to her once vast fortune. She's human, albeit a guilty human, and that's a bad thing, not a good thing, bad. Honestly, I think she should just be fined for the lying and conspiracy and she should have to donate the proceeds of the infamous stock sale to a charity of the judges choosing. Also Ms. Stewart should have to comply to an insane amount of community service, starting with organizing my closet (a girl can dream can't she?) I sure as fuck hope they don't lock her up, I need someone to curtly and efficiently teach me how to properly groom my cat without ending up a shredded mass o' Cupie. Lord have mercy on her bad ass!