Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Aye Carumba with just a dash of Idol Oy!

I'm not a big fan of Gloria Estafan, nor am I a fan of other people singing her songs. They're nice songs and all, but nice in a way you tap your foot when listening to Muzak in an elevator. All the performances were lackluster, but it looked like George and Fantasia had fun and the cute little red head John will most likely make his way back to the High School Choir room tomorrow. The top 3, if people vote with their right minds it will be George, LaToya, and Fantasia. Last nights American Idol episode bored me, I don't feel that the bullshit behind the rascism charges won't stand, people like who they like and like I said the top are black, but out of the last three top 6 last year had the best sampling of talent, the first year it was all about Kelly and Justion albeit cute is struggling to make a career. And this year, well its just short of a High School talent show but still somewhat entertaining.

My mood for the past few days has and can only be alleviated by the simple joys of Get Fuzzy cartoons. If I were a cat I'd be Bucky (smart assed and obstinate), If I were a dog I would love to be Satchel (blissfully ignorant, charmingly obedient), they are the ying and yang of dog and cat and they've brought me out pissy moods time and time again. So a big shout out to Darby Conley for making me laugh when I didn't think I could.

The Blustery weather took out my power yesterday, the power went on and off for over 5 minutes, sucked, the freaky little light show was nifty but what sucked was that I couldn't bring my computer back to life until this morning. It just didn't want to work and I think the events of yesterday's storm overwhelmed the little piece of shit, but all seems well now. Now that its working this early morning my mood is even more somber now that God threw yet another punch via email, but I send my prayers and good vibes to what has yet to be created and my love goes to the creators.