Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Beautiful Losers, Camile Velasco

So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can't plant me in your penthouse
I'm going back to my plough
or Maui, whatever works.....

Camile has a sultry, sexy and untrained voice and although her looks rival any goddesses she said goodbye to her audience tonight, she knew what was going down and when she sang her goodbyes and she did so accordingly, by acknowledging her beloved Hawaii. What Camile really lacked was self confindence, every muscle rippled with self loathing, every wobbled warble reeked of fear. She's got what it takes and she just won't admit it. She did more than most and took the risk, but you can't rely on that alone, its how your perform afterwards. The Dogs of society howled and wanted you gone, but I have faith in you, train that gorgeous voice, keep following the road less traveled, but you have got to believe in yourself first and foremost, be strong and shine....(you do have a tour coming up ;) ).

Now, as for the following show, The Swan (I won't even link to the swill), someone should smack the mother fucking shit out of the bastard who came up with this pathetic display of self hatred. You suck, Your fat, Your NOT pretty, let us cut you up and show you how the Beautiful people act (Paris Hilton made a video and you can too!) and lets display your sorry pathetic ass on television so the world will love your materialistic sorry self. FUCK THAT! FUCK FOX, and fuck society for for making the majority of American men & women fit the standards of anorexic models and Penthouse Pets, FUCK YOU with the fistmaster 2000 beeyotch!

Yeah, I'm coming across as angry here, and so fucking be it. My feet stink sometimes, I fart when I laugh out loud on occassion, I have an overbite despite the 3yrs of braces and the torment of the children who teased me to know end for having food in my braces (why can't a girl save a snack for later?) and guess what? I love every inch of my lumpy body! That hasn't always been the case, and sometimes I still struggle with the fact that I'm not picture perfect and I hate myself even more for that. But word up, right now I'm am the sexiest bitch you'll know. I LOVE me, I love my mind, my eyes, my failing hips and bad back, but damnitalltomotherfucking hell I LOVE ME, nightly even. :D But humor aside, I will NOT watch grown women go under the knife for acceptance, its bullshit. If God beat you with an ugly stick and you have serious deformities, then more power too you, but if your cutting yourself up for the love of or lack of a man or for a better job at the better Strip Lounges or say you can get more money if you were only centerfold material, grow a fucking spine, all your doing is perpetrating more self hatred. We already have millions of teens who hate themselves so much they dress like fucking Marylin Mason's ulgy step siblings, stop it already...its boring and contrived.

Love yourself, despite what our materialistic society says, you are beautiful in your natural skin, you are beautiful no matter who's been airbrushed on the cover of Cosmo, go beyond the Yellow Brick road, bitchslap the dogs of society and build on the strengths that matter in the long run, educate yourself, bathe daily, wax what you want to and know that success is the best revenge. *batteries not included. /spew