Friday, April 30, 2004

Cream Filled Fives

Relying on Friday Five to incite my creativity on Friday mornings has been futile as of late. So, this week I give you Fives of whatever is on my flogged down mind for the moment.

1.) Where the hell did Suzy Q's go??? This is critical people. This week has been anything but fun and all I wanted from the world yesterday evening were two pieces of fudgy cake filled with sugary, fluffy cream. So what if they have 230 Calories and 9 grams of fat, so what if that means 1 hour solid on the bike from hell, Suzy Q's make all the bad things go away, if only momentarily and I've searched two grocery stores and two drug stores. Do NOT deny a Cupie her Suzy Q sugar coma.

2.) Medals vs. Ribbons A medal is usually made of metal, a ribbon is fabric. The rederick is getting out of control. Both candidates need to get the fuck out of the past (my mantra for the week) and sit down focus on today's topic's and have a nice Suzy Q with some coffee.

3.) I've hung some colorful summer lantern lights on my patio and various suns and moons. It looks cool with my tree and the new Japanese Maple that mudda nature gave me. I should celebrate my good fortune and the gifts from Mother Nature with a Suzy Q and a nice decaf, non-fat mocha, yeah its not any different than swilling down Diet Coke with Potato Chips, but a celebration must be had....*sigh*

4.) The Mariner's need some serious bitchslapping, this is a seriously depressing season for the boys of summer and damn if that doesn't make me hunger for a God Damned Suzy Q!!!

5.) I am weak for my want of Suzy Q's....oh yeah, I was spewing.....hmmmm....where was I? Right, um...I recently heard on the news the we pay more for our groceries here in Washington than anywhere else in the states? That means Suzy Q's, when you can find them, are cheaper elsewhere, the horror.

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