Friday, April 02, 2004

The Divine Comedy, via the Inferno, via South Park, Home Sweet Home

My mother has likened me to a South Park Character, she's even gone so far as to compare me to Eric Cartman, so be it. I have a filthy fucking mouth. Once in High School I was chatting for the first time with one of the 'in' kids and I just starting spouting off, spewing if you will, about the big Aberdeen Vs. Hoquiam football game coming up....I don't recall exactly what I said but I would guess it would have been something like.."We're gonna slaughter those limpdicked mother fuckers!". The 'in' kid looked at me shocked and said, "wow, who would have thought that would come from what I thought was a sweet girl, you have such a sweet face, wow." I was slightly embarrassed by her response and promptly thought to myself "fuck you, bitch", then I explained to her that I simply have onset tourettes and that I forgot my medication that day.

My family tolerates my flourishing, my boss does as well, ya never know what will come out of my mouth, hell, even I find it amusing at times, but I also know when to refrain from using such language. I never cuss up a storm in front of Suits, they don't get it, I never cuss in front of children, when I can help it. It is what I am, vulgar, raunchy and neurotic and If indeed there is a hell and I, for some reason (aside from using the Lord's name in vain) ever end up in the infernal regions I will be in good, albeit animated, company.

Last night on South Park was all aboot "The Passion of Christ", Kyle, being Jewish, went to see it at Cartman's urging. Kyle was horrified and wanted to repent for his sins. Stan and Kenny went to see it and thought it sucked ass and demanded their money back and went to Mel Gibson's house to get it. Mel, came across as an hysterical, sadistic bastard with full Braveheart face paint. Funny shit and a good time was had by all, try to catch it in reruns if you can, that is if you enjoy fart jokes and blasphemy, heh. lol.
[picture stolen without regret from Stereogum]

And for my everloving, beautiful mom whence I first heard the very words I spew with all my force @#$@!, which is the real Cupie, or better yet, which one is Theresa and which one is Dianne? (Theresa Dianne Z is the name and I go by both my first and middle name in the family circle, but you doesn't have to call me Johnson). Call me what you will, but if your cute, single and gainfully employed, Jesus Mary Mudder of Gawd CALL Me. Hello??? Alrighty I'm, I have a ton of things to finish today. Peace be with you my children and Long Live Rock! Make your own damn image @ South Park Studios a have a fucking thuper day!