Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Idol Chatter

Her Name was Diane, Diane DeGarmo and last night she sang "One voice"
and didn't sound like a man-O".
One of her best performances, period.
What's scary is that Simon agreed with me,
which means nothing other than the fact my tits
are as big as his.

George Huff was up, down, tryin' to get that feelin' again
whoops, where'd it go, he sounded like he had a cold.

Jennifer Hudson, and tell When will our eyes meet,
When can I touch
Great Performance!

Jasmine, I know I'll never love this way again, try a different position
next time sweet stuff. ;) Good job, it didn't rock my world, but then
it could be my disposition...

LaToya sang All the Time and she sang it well, I've never heard
the song before not in a grocery store and never in an elevator, was this
a hit? I'm stumpy, er...stumped.

John Stevens, Mandy may have sent you away for a reason, your a nice guy
and all, but um...all I have to say is vanilla pudding and WTF is up with Simon comparing contestants
to big chinned stars? I'm thinking chin fetish, mmmhmm...
Hey Simon, I've got two chin's...wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Fantasia, its a Miracle your not already the Idol. She's like a little Patti LaBelle, can I get an amen!