Tuesday, April 20, 2004

There is just is not enough chocolate to reduce the rage Or Let me get all Type A on your ass.....

Mood: Pissy to no end.....my assistant calls and says loss prevention did a mini audit in the store......the evaluation results were *good*, fuck good, I don't want GOOD, I want GREAT and I'm sick of the fucking excuses and misinterpretations. Snarl, Spit, Bitch and Moan.....alrighty I'm done.

And as for the Analogia Star Estimator results that has disappeared (quality work there bitches) *snarf*....I give you my results:
I submitted my best likeness as seen here and with that I'm likened to Grace Kelly, Milla Jovovich and fucking Jennifer Love Hewitt. Here that Carson Daily, I'm coming for your ass with chocolate in one hand and Beer in another, Love ME Now. Prince Rainier, if your the damn prince who the FUCK is the king. And yeah, I can see the Milla resemblence, oy.......dizzy...... =P