Saturday, April 17, 2004

Personal Growth and the Armpit Man

"frogs and salamanders can regrow limbs and so should we." Yeah, but what about the possibility of defects?? And what of the creepy bastards who capitalize on these very defects? Cloning is nothing compared to the success of the what ReGenesis is rumored to have developed (aside from William Hung)....The Armpit stud. His hairy manly stench is being used to sell deodorant, and what freaks me out most is that Mr. Armpit always seems to have some sexy bitch drooling all over his stumpy hairy body. This is just wrong, its bad enough that shaking ones bon-bon and "she bangs" is now associated not with that of shaking your thang on the dance floor or banging for that matter, but, rather a funky Asian Idol reject, now they expect us to buy products from a three toed armpit. If the creators of the faceless pit want us to accept Armpit Man into society they should tell us of his origins (the Petri dish # would suffice) and all promotion forthcoming should utilize a scratch n' sniff option. *sniffs*

Link Via: chicha