Friday, April 16, 2004

"There is no such love felt for one's weighty collection of unread nonfiction by important people.."

I don't need to tell you again, I Love Books, long time, saki saki! But you can have too many, its a fact I hate having to face. This past year my intolerance for clutter in the House of Spew has had me reexaming why I own half the shit I do. The Furby collection was the need to fill any maternal obligations that I felt I needed to conquer....the majority of the Furby's are now destined to be ebay'd and are boxed and ready to be sold, I'd make a great mother. The Mickey Mouse collection I've been building on since High School is boxed up, with only select pieces out for display. The 8 hundred baby doll dresses from the nineties and all the Salvation Army Chic clothing will now adorn refugee's coming to this country as the majority of clothes have been donated to World Vision. Books have been the hardest thing for me to get rid of, I know I'll read it again or I know for a fact I'll need that Science Timeline book when I write my thesis on um.......Science thingy'

Anyhoo, I did enjoy this article on A person's books and since any spare moment I've had this week has been to go through the years of CupieShit, I have been inspired to tackle the books next.

A bookmark stuck in Chapter 2 is testament to one's proclivity for starting things and tossing them aside, for succumbing to hype, celebrity, and an ego that insists one must at least try to appear au courant -- never mind that one has yet to finish "Moby-Dick."

....mmmkay. Okay, so I don't even own Moby Dick, call me Ishmael already, but I do own a gazillion books, many of which have been unread for one reason or another. But damn if the Kissinger book wasn't only a dollar. My books are the next thing to de-clutter and although it will be like losing the part of my soul with the receipt still in it, it is for the greater good or what is left of my sanity. ;)

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