Friday, April 16, 2004

Bill, Your Hired. Kwame, you will eventually be hired. Omarosa, your just fucking weak.

Congratulations to Bill, game over. Kwame, you should have fired that evil wench Omarosa, she is a liar, she plays the race card and she fucked you up right and left and mostly fucked you over, I would have fired her ass in a hot second. In my eyes, she is worthless and conniving and until she can own up to accountability and understand the meaning of integrity she will be collecting unemployment and I don't care how smart she thinks she is, the Omarosa Show has been cancelled. Kwame mentioned he 'would' have fired her if he thought he had the option. Dude, who said you couldn't? Woulda, shoulda, coulda....And that sir, was the one mistake that lost you the apprenticeship and I garunfuckentee you that you don't need a Harvard MBA to trust your instincts. Trump, cut the fucking combover, I thought I saw Hoffa in their last night. Thanks and have a fucking super day! :D