Thursday, April 15, 2004

Beam Me Up Over There----> (GPS not included)

"Seattle sci-fi insiders call it "Siffumhoff": Paul Allen's new Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. When it opens in June, it will be more commonly known as SFM. Right now it’s under noisy construction in the Blue Potato section of EMP—the space formerly occupied by the Funk Blast ride at Experience Music Project. "All of these cases are just gonna be filled!" exults the jovially ursine Greg Bear, raising his voice above the shrieking saws and banging hammers inside the Potato."

And now for a moment in Cupie's Brain (enter at own risk)...

You say Potato, I say Potawtoe,
You say Al Queda, I say Al Quiduh
Potato, Potawtoe
Al Queda, Al Quiduh
Let's call the whole thing off!