Wednesday, April 14, 2004

What Press Conference?

Fumble, bumble, Things will get better. !@##$#, I'd bet my Presidency on it. *Yawn* Fumble, splebble, squid. He's not the most eloquent man, he didn't answer any questions, that I noticed, I could just be delirious, or I've gone beyond carrying. What I do know is that its ugly over in Iraq, more tragic victims, here in the states, many children are left behind. I'd wager on this, but then I wagered on the M's and Angels and I sense a bobble head will be heading down south, again, that sounds so very twisted, oy.

If you watched Whoopie last night, you would have noticed her holding a copy of "Against all Enemies", heh. And if you did watch Whoopie its becaus Idol was moved to tonight to accommodate the presidential Fumbled Schurping, the injustice!