Friday, May 14, 2004

Alls Well That Ends Well And In The End The Love You Make Is Equal To The Love You Make

I'm delirious and with that you get a rare 'late in the evening' post. Blogger didn't lose my post as first thought, whew....I don't know what was up, but its all better now.

I wasn't aware that my comments weren't working until that sassy wench Casey emailed to let me know. And I just thought I was unworthy of comments this week, who would have thought Haloscan updated their service, not moi. Anyhoo, all is now well and I have trackback to boot! I'm tired from having to work late and hearing the endless comments....what are you doing here so late? I work one late shift a week, that's enough....I don't like the evening customers or the Saturday customers, they rub me the wrong way or something, if they rubbed the right way I'd be far happier to be there.

I'm boycotting all Passive/Aggressive people in my life from here on out! I'm done with the bullshit and done with the crazy fucks, it sucks too much of my energy. I have some issues at work I'm trying to remedy with just being straight up and some people aren't liking it, such is life. Snarf. Ok, I'm, have a brilliant tomorrow, I will. ;)