Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Religious Savage Stupidity

I'm not sure how beheading an American soldier equals humiliating naked detainees, this whole mess is fueling the ignorant terrorists who hate us with such a passion that their willing to lob off heads, burn and hang Americans because we are materialistic and have cable t.v., argh. The images of the beheading can be found on the Drudge report, they are brutal, horrific and bloody medieval. What's even more tragic is that this young man went to Iraq in search of work, now that's pretty fucked up when you have to go to a war zone for work.

God is not a human entity and could never dictate such a brutal death, yeah God may choose to impale you with a tree limb during a storm or take out the west coast via an unlikely 10.5, but since God is not of human form and has no mouth or lips, therefore could not have possibly ordered this decapitation. The God of the terrorists is their fucking egos and if these morons could for one moment rise above the shit shoved down their throats all their lives, they would see how just how blatantly uncivil and savage they are in the name of God.