Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Upon seeing my sunburned face, the lady ringing up my purchase of Aloe lotion could only grimace and repeat "ow, ooch, golly, ow". "How'd it happen?"..and so it begins..."center field Safeco Field, Yankees vs. Mariners" I responded. She takes my money and thanks me for my purchase and gives me one final "ooch". I thought this would be how the remainder of my workday would progress, people looking at me like I had the plague, but fortunately the sunburn started its mutation into a tan with only the tip of the nose and forehead remained red. A young lady walked into the store and I ask her if she needs any assistance, she says no and keeps looking, then she spots my assistant returning to the cashwrap and immediately runs up to the counter and asks if we're hiring. Alrighty, she must have feared the redface redhead. My assistant is older than me yes, and she dresses professionally where as I'm a khaki's, Chuck Taylor kinda girl and yeah, I wear enough silver some days to sink an ocean liner or two, but people never think I'm the one in charge. Maybe it was the sunburn or maybe as my neighbor pointed out that the red in my face matched my hair causing the illusion that I had no face and it scared the young girl, oh well, I'm not hiring anyways. =P