Monday, May 10, 2004

Somethings Afoot @ Blogger, mmmkay

Well hells bells! Blogger went and changed everything....change is good. I can't wait to dig around and see what's new.

True to form the Mariner's lost yesterday leaving my 7 year niece Hanna in tears. She LOVES the Mariner's and despite having an early 6 run lead, the Yankee's just smacked that shit back at us (7-6). My mother took it better than Hanna did and I tried to console her with the fact there will be other games and we'll go see them again and if they lose the next time, Auntie will personally go down on the field and bitchslap them until they understand the meaning of teamwork! Hanna giggled although she thought that was mean, I responded with: Mean? I'm not mean, I'm motivational! And I also live in a van, down by the river! (Chris Farley, fooney). Also, I would like to thank the sun for making an appearance yesterday. I am a vibrant shade of red, call me Crispy Cupie, the agony...=P