Wednesday, May 05, 2004

"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout crack?" --*giggle*, mmmkay, next?

An article on New York cartoonists, via the NYT's (skip the evil ad), entitled "Sex With Einstein? Yes, in The New Yorker". All things are possible in print and post mortem sex with a braniac can apparently last the speed of light. New Yorker cartoons are either hysterically funny or just plain stupid, but mostly timely and subjective. Being a cartoonist is not an easy job, like other careers, you have to be two steps ahead of the game, and being smart and savvy are critical if you want your audience to be amused. You have to be up on current event and social science (a blogger, hardy har..snarf). Throughout the years The New Yorker has been known for its cartoon's, It's far easier to view the little blocks of hand drawn amusements than to read the pretentious bullshit it prints at times, but that could just be me, I'll ride the short bus just to wear the helmet sometimes. Having the very accommodating adult ADD, like many I know, If you don't grab me in the first paragraph, I'm outta of there. What will keep me coming back time and time again is humor and sometimes the cartoons in the New Yorker are brilliant and sometimes they are just mindless moronic filler. For the most part it is the cartoons that keep me coming back to the The New Yorker, so it is beyond fabulous to see the cartoonists finally get some well deserved recognition, they make that rag.

Link via in a roundabout way from The Old Hag herself.