Wednesday, May 05, 2004

"This Is Your Groove Right Here, yo".-Randy Jackson

American Idle........I love Big Band I hoped that I would be thrilled. Two songs from each contestant. Fantasia shined one more time and LoToya finally impressed me, George seems to be fading fast and Miss DeGarmo was cute. Oh yeah and Jasmine sang too, she's cute and all, but um......I was less than thrilled.

Eighth Wonder Of the World Demystified: Take a couple of self righteous geeks, give them a Magic Eight Ball, some tools, an afternoon and the results are "Outlook Not So Good". It's a toy, you asschimps, so what if it dictates my decision making process, you didn't have to rip the shit out of it. arrrgh.

I think someone stole me brain......More news Later. =P