Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Where are your new Non-Fiction Novels ?"

Click for cartoon No, this extremely funny and factually correct cartoon isn't a promotional tool for Pam Anderson's upcoming television series "Stacked", but its amusing all the same. We have actually heard all these and many more like them at the bookstore and once I've reached my fill of the offending requests, I just start smacking people. "Where's your non-fiction?" SMACK! "Turn around and look" I say, "Where?" SMACK! "Sir, is the book based on actual facts or is it a novel?", "Of course its a novel, that's why I'm here and it's a true story about the BTK killer and the publisher website said it was supposed to be out today", "Sir, its Sunday, the probability of that occurring is slim to none." SMACK! This story is ongoing, stay tuned in for updates. :|

And speaking of Ms. Anderson, she's now blogging about her hard work during the production of stalked...err...paging Dr. Freud...that would be Stacked, not stalked, mmmkay. Alrighty, together now: Knit one=insert knitting needle into left eye, Pearl two = insert knitting needles into right eye. Sweet relief.

And for your amusement and or horror the book purchase of the week goes to the truck driver that bought some nasty ass erotica and a book on the Green River Killer. Thanks for your purchase sir and you have a TERRIFIC day! *gulp*
[comic link via BS]