Friday, April 08, 2005

Peabody Awards

Electronic Media's most prestigious award has announced this years winners and thankfully, the standard in fake news -- The Daily Show, has won for their coverage of last years election:
Comedy Central`s "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart `Indecision 2004`" won a Peabody for its presidential campaign coverage; the Peabody Board citied the show`s appeal as "satire that deflates pomposity on an equal opportunity basis." This is the program`s second Peabody; it also won for its 2000 election coverage "The Daily Show," which combines elements of entertainment and news, was honored for its presidential election coverage, as it had been four years earlier.

How I do love the deflation of pomposity. Mr. Stewart comments on the win:

"All of us at 'The Daily Show' very much appreciate the Peabody Committee's recognition of our work," Mr. Stewart said in a statement released by the show. "Because this is the first time we've ever released a statement, we'd also like to, just for the hell of it, categorically deny all charges and say that we find them both scurrilous and without merit."


[NYT's link via: Talk Left]