Friday, April 08, 2005


Tom Delay, demi-god for the right, continues with his threats against the judicial system:
"Judicial independence does not equal judicial supremacy," Mr. DeLay said in a videotaped speech delivered to a conservative conference in Washington entitled "Confronting the Judicial War on Faith."

Mr. DeLay faulted courts for what he said was their invention of rights to abortion and prohibitions on school prayer, saying courts had ignored the intent of Congress and improperly cited international standards and precedents. "These are not examples of a mature society," he said, "but of a judiciary run amok."

Mature Society? What exactly is a mature society and if indeed we aspire to become a "mature society" does that mean once we become "mature" our growth will be stunted, over-kaput? I'll take a sophisticated society over a mature society any day. A society tolerant of all beliefs, thoughts and philosophy. Mr. Delay sir, your idea of Fire and Brimstone faith, is ugly and intolerant, when people stop fearing "God" and fearing your manly southern ass, something isn't quite right in the world. I'd suggest a "Chill Pill" suppository, yesterday.