Thursday, May 26, 2005

Never say never, ever.

Gennie passed it...*sniff*...
10 Things I've Never Done

1. I have never ever, not even once, voted for Carrie Underwood, snarf.
2. I've never liked people who state the obvious, bring on the slap o' matic.
3. I have never been to New York City, somebody bring me a rope.
4. I have never read To Kill A Mockingbird, but would seriously consider naming a male spawn of mine Atticus.
5. I have never had the pleasure of licking Bo Bice.
6. I have never had an argument with myself and won. [What do you mean you haven't won? Shut up. Say what beeyotch? Bring it on? Shut up.]
7. I have never worn hip huggers and a belly shirt, indecent exposure is not my thang.
8. I have never been married, had children and I'm one cat and a moo-moo shy of spinsterville, lol...mmmkay, what are you looking at?? :|
9. I have never mentioned Jonathan (you spleen me) Safron Foer on this blog until now, now not only am I a little bit Jewy, I'm officially hip, really.
10. I will never say never without meaning it, never.

Wonkette will never sit on another blogging panel again?
Ms. Cox noted the "neverending frenzy" of blogging, observing that Powerline and related sites are now being themselves watchdogged by another generation of bloggers. She compared blogging to the self-renewing tumult of punk rock: People at the top will get commercialized, but "there's always someone in the garage." [via]

Take it from a blogger with tits that doesn't own a garage, let alone a car, Ms. Cox is the only reason their should be blogging panels.

And finally, we will never admit to the fact that all the Gawker buzz-marketing full on frontal assault worked. Radar came to the bookstore late Friday afternoon, I had resisted even looking at it and the sight of Paris Hilton sends me into convulsions so there was no way I was going to read it, and then I read it, but I'll never admit to liking it, its a matter of pride, I am not an affected person. If you like the crap you read on blogs and articles written by the upper echelons of the blogosphere, you might like Radar, it's kind of like the cool kids table on crack, fuck, whatever.