Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Political Apathy

Neal Pollack on why he'd rather blog about sports than experience another political pukefest:
...I haven't looked at Talking Points Memo in about five months. Let's see what's up top today. "Guest-blogging today, Kenneth Baer, a Democratic strategist and founder of Baer Communications. His book Reinventing Democrats: The Politics of Liberalism from Reagan to Clinton came out in 2000."

Well, tickle my boner with a feather! That's the most boring thing I've ever read. How could you possibly want to read that while Barry Bonds is getting fluid drained from his knee?

[Cupie puts down the feather and types response]

Politics is a nasty game and when the majority of American's voted to stay on the path of lies and deceit, anybody with a mind of their own wanted to give up on politics altogether. We're all about questioning the powers that be, but forgive us for not finding interest in the uber hip trends of bashing the judicial system, ignoring philisophical debate, stripping people of their civil liberties and dictating the word of God as a means to govern our society.

It's all about fighting the good fight, which I intend to continue, on my own time, on issues that truly matter to our civil liberties. I don't get paid to spew my opinions, but know full well when I'm disturbed by the hypocrisy of the current administration and religious zealots littering the administration, I will smack that shit back in your face. Do keep in mind that this is my personal blog and I will tell tales of too many Ding Dongs eaten and topped with a six pack of Redhook. It's what I do -- sugar comas. I will admit to a current state of political apathy. I'm too occupied with my life to be bothered with it right now and that doesn't mean I don't care, I do, but its all just mental masturbation, and personally I'm not up for sharing my every thought on the issues with the world, I'm entirely too caught up in my spring-cleaning-palooza (onset mid-life crisis).

Anyhoo, [picks up feather] I never say never, but right now I'm not, which doesn't mean I don't.....kinda.