Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Taste Of Huffingtion, dahling.

SUV hater and pinko fag hag (lovingly said, of course, birds of a feather, they say..) Arianna Huffingtion woke up one day and said, "What iz dis blog thing?" and decided to have a blog orgy of sorts on her new News and OP-ED website called Huffingtion Post. Here's a sampling of what I consider to be Drudge with tits and a circle of friends.

"Satan Unleashes Evil Energy but God Will Win - Pope" Pope-y, nice.

Jesus and Bruce Springsteen:
"I much prefer the Christ recently offered to us by that well-known theologian, Bruce Springsteen. (He also makes music.) On Springsteen's recent chart-topping release, Devils & Dust--which contains a song exploring the moral dilemma faced by a soldier in Iraq poised to shoot and kill an enemy and a track recounting the life of an illegal immigrant who perishes crossing the Rio Grande--the most engaging number is a short, simple, elegiac tune about the Man from Galilee, "Jesus Was An Only Son." The chord structure is basic ballad; a church-like organ sets the mood. And Springsteen narrates the last hours of Jesus' life. There's no blood, no gore--only a man and his mother."

Actor/Director Robert Evans inner poet is released:

Try a thing you haven’t done three times.
Once, to get over the fear of doing it.
Twice, to learn how to do it.
And the third time, to figure out whether you like it or not.

Have they treated me a bit harshly at times? Oh, yes!
…But they’ve made my life one of wealth… wealth of discovery.

Ain’t that what life is all about?

Danielle Crittenden:
Admit it. Hollywood misses those halcyon days of the Clinton administration, when the Lincoln bedroom functioned as a luxury hotel suite for crusading celebrities. In the first term of the Bush administration I bumped into Bruce Willis over the M&M bowl in the White House Mess: A happier looking man you could not imagine. Just wait until he told his pals what he’d said to the President! ("I think you really kick ass, sir.") You can’t buy that access with even the best agent or publicist. But why should Willis, Ron Silver and Bo Derek for gosh sakes hog all the official invites these days?

"Your Planet's Immune System Is Trying to Get Rid of You." -Bumper Sticker from the mind of Kurt Vonnegut, lol.

Bill Mahr returns to blogging via Huffington and its about fucking time, despite his gas problem.

Walter Cronkite LIVES!
I'll launch my first contribution right here: Arianna, I offer this first editorial opinion that you settle for "interesting" and recognize that it is not a synonym for "entertaining."

I've got some other exceedingly interesting pieces up my sleeve, like a proposal that the Democratic Party organize a convention this year to debate and resolve a platform that would provide the confused electorate some idea of what the party stands for…a regretfully missing ingredient in the politics of the moment.

The Huffington Post is a nice idea, I like it. What I don't like is the lack of the breast factor. Where be the bitches, Arianna? I humbly offer my services; I have no credentials, no one knows me from dick and I took time away from a chocolate binge to report on your new site. Give a girl a little love. Or not. Your decision - but kudos all the same.